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Dutch Association of Insurers


Organization of the association

The Dutch Association of Insurers has an executive board and four boards for specific sectors: Working Conditions, Life Insurance, Non-life Insurance and Health Insurance. Each sector board takes decisions on subjects specifically relating to the sector and is assisted by various committees. The Association’s executive board is responsible for general policy and decides on issues of major political importance, even where they relate to a specific sector. The executive board also deals with subjects which transcend the insurance industry, such as consumer policy, corporate social responsibility, medical-ethical issues, crime prevention and control, supervision of the insurance industry and reporting.
​General meeting
D.E. Knibbe (chairman)  Nationale-Nederlanden
W.A.J. van Duin (vicepresident) Achmea
J.P.M. Baeten a.s.r. Nederland
J.L. Heideman Univé
M.J.P. Edixhoven Aegon
​S.L. Laarberg ​Allianz
​​A. Mosman ​Generali
J.A. Vink ​HDI Global SE, The Netherlands
​J.J.T. van Oijen ​Vivat