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Dutch Association of Insurers


Organization of the secretariat

The Association has a secretariat, which is located at Bordewijklaan in The Hague. The internal organization is built around the Representation sector (which includes the sectors General Policy, Employment Conditions, Life, Non-life and Health). This sector is assisted by the Central Staff department (which includes the departments Public Affairs/Public Relations, Service and Information and Personnel & Organization departments), the Centre for Insurance Statistics and the Insurance Fraud Bureau. Finally, the General Affairs department provides general facility management services. There are around 120 people working in the Association’s secretariat.
Board of Management
Mr. R. Weurding (Managing director)
Mr. H.L. De Boer (director)
Mr. H.J. Herbert (director)
Secretary: W.F.M. Terwisscha van Scheltinga
Secretariat: Mrs. S.C.J. ten Cate
Central Staff department

Communications Department
Head: C. Groeneweg
Service Department
Head: mrs M. Graftdijk

Centre for Insurance Statistics
Team leader: E. Steenbergen

Insurance Fraud Bureau
Team leader: R. Visscher

Insurance Academy
Team leader: mrs. L. Hoomans
Internal Affairs
Head: R. van Rijn
Personnel & Organization Department
Head: R. van Rijn
General Policy/Working Conditions Sector
Head: H.F. Treur
Life / Income Sector
Head: mrs. C. Verhoog
Non-life Sector
Head: F. Soeteman